Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hey, single ladies! No date on February 14?

Hey, single ladies! No date on February 14?

Go, bring yourself out.


Nah. You owe it to yourself and you need not wait for somebody to do this pampering.

When most ladies go gaga over flowers and gifts and dinner dates on Valetine's Day, go out and throw yourself in:

  1. A Spa treatment. There's no better gift on Valentine's Day than a full body massage after a stressful Valentine's Monday. A refreshed mind and body is something you owe to yourself, after all.
  2. A Hair treatment. Go and prep yourself up on V-day. This may not be necessary on February 14, but there are more days beyond V-day that your do may come in handy.
  3. A Shopping spree. Drooling on the latest top collection of your clothing brand? Get it on Valentine's. You may not have Mr. Right now, but you are in the right purchasing position to get that top.

Keep this in mind: Single is sexy, as Bench highlighted in their Bench Body campaign a few years back.

Celebrate being single and the opportunity that comes with it this Valentine's!