Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why I would buy from you (and perhaps other customers, too)

Coming from a purely personal standpoint, I buy products for three reasons:

  1. There is a need
  2. There is a budget
  3. The point of purchase is accessible - if not enchanting.

Let us look into the third reason - accessibility and appeal (the product or service being enchanting).


If you are an eyeliner, it will be easy for me if I can get it from a department store's
or supermarket's cosmetics section. Meaning, I can have your eyeliner almost anywhere I go. (You bet I am a prudent lady and not in the higher end market segment but who cares?)

If you are a credit card company and I need information, it will be easy for me if I can talk to the right person right away and not go through senseless voice prompts which make the answer annoyingly elusive. Do you think I will put up with the chase when my mobile phone charges surge while your voice prompts do not lead me to the answers I need?

If you are an online store, make good of your promise and charges of delivering the goods in mint condition and bring back my money whenever you fail to do so.


If you want to catch the customer's attention and eventually convert him or her into a sale, pay attention to the delivery of the message, the presentation.

This facet of marketing is tricky but when you are able to pull the right string from the hearts of your customers, everything will be smooth sailing toward your goal to make a sale. Even reason number 2 will not matter anymore.

I am writing so because it happened to me when I bought some cosmetic items in two separate stores and countries.

The first item was a liquid foundation purchased in Singapore. There was this period that I had to buy a replacement as my foundation ran out. I passed by this store and tried to look for one that's on sale.

Take note of my main reasons: NEED and BUDGET.

I failed to find a foundation on sale but the store representative did one thing that prevented
me from walking away: she invited me to try one of their new arrivals and even asked me if she could apply
it on me. I agreed. No strings attached. But when she started to apply the foundation, her gentle stroke
on my face as if it's the most delicate thing, I was swayed. Not only because of the product and its
quality but of the way it was brought to my hands - or my face for that matter. Needless to say, even
before she showed me the result, I was sold already.

The second item was a lipstick purchased in the Philippines. Again, there was a need to fill and a budget to spend.

I was only browsing at first, looking what's available when a sales representative smiled at me, asked me on what I needed then and gave me a tempting offer. You bet. She asked me if she can apply her products on my face. This time, she offered me a full makeover!

Body Shop foundation

So I let her did my face. Why not if it's free of charge? So the trust in the brand, the sales representative's gentle way of putting colors on my face that made me fall asleep and the final result, which is a full makeover that earned second look from most people in the department store, made it easy for me to pull extra cash from my wallet and pay for the lipstick and an eye cream. Yes, when the sales representative crossed sell other products, I was easily sold.