Monday, March 14, 2011

Feeling good after saying thank you twice

"I like your perfume," the 7-year old Aaron told me suddenly when we were chatting about his scouts and cleaning duties this morning.

I was surprised and felt some kind of stirrings women feel when given a compliment.

I only had these words for him, "Thank you," and that really kicked off my day.

And just when I thought that was all it, two gentlemen joined me in the lift. I smiled at them and said the casual hello to each other. They stood closer to the lift door, talking about office shirts and where to find good ones.

Eavesdropping, the older man told the younger man, "You can get free alteration from there (referring to a supplier) and the fabric is better than this (touching his shirt)."

"Oh, it's thicker," said the younger man.

The lift stopped on ground level. The door opened. As I waited for them to make a move, they both looked back at me and together, they made the hand gesture offering me the door first.

I only had these words for them, "Thank you," and that really made my morning so good.

Thank you, gentlemen!