Thursday, July 5, 2012

Are you pregnant yet?

Are you pregnant yet?

This question from people has been nagging me since I joined my husband in November 2011, about 8 months past.

It's been a standard greeting of people whenever I'm home for vacation or whenever I'm in touch with them online.

Whenever I say no, there are further whys thrown at me which I find more difficult to answer.

I am lying if I'd say I'm not affected. I've been longing for a baby, my single wish in my prayers; and getting jealous to mommies who enjoy mommyhood already. After all, that's my ultimate goal when I decided to join my husband in Palawan and be away from home again.

But all I can do now is to patiently wait and have faith that we're in the right direction. As what Mr. Francis Kong posted on his Facebook, "Progress has less to do with speed and more to do with direction. Do not be impatient. Many wrong life decisions are made simply because one could not wait. As long as you are in the right direction, be patient, be diligent, be excellent and enjoy the scenery along the way."

Can you relate to this post? Feel free to comment or share your stories of pain and how God has relieved you with His answers. In my case, Mr. Kong's advice has been used.

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