Friday, October 8, 2010

Loo seat

We always look for the best place to brainstorm but little did we know that it is our friendly loo seat that is sitting idly in our home and perhaps serving us tirelessly; that fills this very need.

Since I discover that I am creative in some way, it is when I am on loo that my head is pumped with outrageous thoughts and pesky ideas. It is when I do my business that my aha moments take place.

Realizing the loo’s importance, I’ve been in awe with her patience and just dispositions. I do not hesitate to reveal myself while on it. It could be the stillness of the environment, the serenity I feel inside her – like the moment inside the mother’s womb, where one can think of anything and everything without being judged.

Surprisingly, a study by the National Express in UK seemed to affirm this observation. Two-thirds of those 500 surveyed said that while on loo seat, they thought of crazy (they call it out-of-the-box) ideas like having a product launch for a harness by letting 500 people jump off the top of Petronas, using the newspaper as tissue alternative in the name of saving Mother Earth or thinking of some connections of 100 and one cutting-edge ideas such as – yeah, this article.

Though the purpose of the study seemed to be a bit suspicious, as the result was used at the launch of luxury loo in National Express coaches, the point, however, is still worthwhile – at least for someone who is most productive while ditching her **** – like me.

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