Tuesday, January 31, 2012

False urgency

We hear it all the time. Worse, we have to take action. It's okay if we're on the other side of the requisition table, the side that demands.

But we have qualms over urgent jobs when we're to deliver. Most often, we stretch ourselves to comply, appear efficient and yes, satisfy our customers - lest being complained.

And worse, customers have this tendency by default - hitting the red exclamation mark button in sending emails.

But how urgent is urgent?

If a superior asks for it.

If the operations need it to normalize the process.

If the name of the company or division is at sake, then swift action must be taken.

On the contrary, if a job is asked by a person who is not serious in getting things done (keeps on changing the shedule), does not have impact in operations (things will go on without it) and gives minimum value to the company or product branding, then why take URGENT action?

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