Thursday, May 31, 2012

Six months past and how far have my projects gone?

Students and employees alike are busy at mid-year. The students are busy with the school opening while some employees may be occupied in splurging their mid-year bonuses.

I am not a student anymore and neither do I have a bonus to spend. But I am busy with something important.

Early this year, I thought of setting a few personal projects to give more meaning into our lives as a couple. I have also created projects focused on my personal enrichment. And how far have I gone?

  • Project Franco and Edrice

    We’ve been married for three years and have been together for six months. And thus, we have been trying to have Baby Franco or Baby Edrice.

    Result: So far, we are still waiting but we’re okay. Husband and I are enjoying our time together. It’s like we’re just having our honeymoon. Though late, I am happy we can still enjoy the honeymoon experience.

  • Project Bond

    The separation of three years has taken a toll in our relationship. Thus, the decision to be together is not only for Baby Franco or Baby Edrice but for us to fix our relationship.

    Result: The six-month bond is still too short but I can feel things between us have improved.

  • Project Write

    I took Journalism as a degree and since discovering the cathartic effect of writing, I have never let go of the craft. I was not able to practice it though but from time to time, I grab a pen and paper or hit the keyboard of my notebook to put my thoughts in writing. Last year, I created a blog where I put random thoughts on issues, occasions and things that interest me.

    Result: The blog is a jumpstart. It keeps me motivated to practice more and improve in my craft.

  • Project Content and Connection

    My interest is not only on content creation. I do enjoy and ride on the social media revolution where I consider myself as an enthusiast.

    Result: My blog is also a guinea pig in my social media experiments and little by little, I learn more and achieve more every day.

  • Project 55

    This is so far the most challenging task for me. It’s been a three-year journey for me to lose excess fat mass and to reach that elusive 55-kilogram scale.

    Result: Good thing I have a jogging buddy now, my husband, who motivates me to run and burn calories regularly. He is also very vigilant in my food especially carbohydrate intake. So far I lost 4kg already and soon I hope to let go of that extra 4 kg in order to reach my target weight.

On the average, my projects have been in a slow but steady pace. I want to write that I need to step up but what for? I enjoy the experience of going through each of these projects and as long as I keep on moving and improving, I am a-OK!

How about you? I hope you had a fulfilling mid-year, too!

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