Thursday, August 11, 2011

Turning around a rather boring day at work

Bored in office? Turn it around with these simple steps!

When serving an organization for a long time, there are times you feel stuck with routine, task lists and targets. You are caught up motionless in the middle of projects and processes, while the rest are too busy meeting their targets. This is when you start noticing the next person in the conference room or the meeting chairperson as objects of envy; and wonder how they stand the rigours of 8-to-5 office work, doing the same thing, ticking items off their task lists.

If you start feeling stuck and having bad days at work, take action. Turn it around and spice up your boring routine with the following:

  1. Detour. Yes! Taking detours on your way to office break your routine and give you a different and yet refreshing perspective. Detours may also lead you to discovery of things: less traffic, shortcuts and nicer ambience.

  2. Walk it out. Trivia: For every minute of brisk walking, as much as 6 calories can be burned. That means a 15-minute tea break spent on walking will get rid of 90 calories you gained from 7 hours of slacking. If done in the morning and afternoon tea breaks, that's a whopping 180 calories burned! That is equivalent to two cups of coffee!*

    Imagine the benefits: you kill boredom and get fit.

  3. Get out of the box. Literally. Retreat to your creative spaces to be able to think out-of-the-box. Be it in a nearby library, coffee shop or park, find this place where you can complete quality work in an unbelievable pace. It is where your ideas run wild, concepts take form and manifest themselves in your proposals, ready to be rolled out. When boredom strikes, retreat to that place and get your muse do the rest.

*Based on the calorie count of an instant coffe brand.

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